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  Rajkot | Local Attraction | Tourist Spots
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Tourist Sites in Rajkot

Rajkot has a number of places which are of great interest to national as well as international visitors.

The Watson Museum
Located in the Jubilee Gardens, the museum is a good introduction to Saurashtra's cultural heritage. Among the exhibits are copies of artifacts from Mohanjodaro, 13th-century carvings, temple statues, natural history exhibits, and dioramas of local tribal costumes and housing styles.

Kaba Gandhi No Delo
The house where Mahatma Gandhi grew up. It now holds a permanent exhibition of Gandhian items. It is within the old city on Ghee Kanta Road.

The Rajkumar College
Established by the British government as early as in 1870. Built for the education of the princes of the Indian state, it is still regarded as one of the best private institutions in the country.

Mohandas Gandhi Vidhyala
The school where Mahatma Gandhi finished his higher secondary education.

Rashtriya Shala
Founded by Mahatma Gandhi, and is equipped with a center of 'Patoda' making.

Ramkrishna Ashram
A beautifully carved temple of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa situated on Dr. Yagnik Road.

Swaminarayan Mandir
A temple on Kalawad road, a marvellous piece of architecture, houses the deities for the same sect.

Rotary Dolls Musuem
One of a recent addition, Rotary Dolls musuem is an excellent collection of various types of dolls, and is well known through out Asia.